Protection of same-sex marriage under law is about civil rights, not morality

I like women. I don’t want to be mistaken for being homosexual. I don’t want my masculinity questioned. I’m slightly uncomfortable with gay humor. I’m slightly put off and embarrassed when I’m hit on by gay men. But if you’re gay or lesbian, I believe you have every right to enjoy a loving, committed relationship under the protection of constitutional law, just as heterosexual couples do.

Same-sex marriage, like marriage between a black person and a white person (which was ruled as a constitutionally protected right during 1967 in Loving v. Virginia), is about civil rights, not morality.

United States Supreme Court judges, both at the state and federal level, are rigorously trained in the rule of Constitutional Law. When a Supreme Court Judge passes a decision, it’s that judge’s expert assessment based on State or Federal Law. Judges do not sit on the bench to pass opinions. They are required by their duty to pass rulings justified by Constitutional Law, and nothing else.

If, during the 1960s, people were to have voted on the issue of miscegenation, interracial marriage would still be illegal. A black man would not be allowed to marry a white woman. Nor vica versa. Anti-miscegenation laws were stricken down by a Supreme Court Judge because they were unconstitutional.

Interracial marriage is a matter of civil rights, not of morality. During the 1960s, most Americans believed that interracial marriage was objectionable on moral grounds. In today’s society, most Americans have no objection to interracial marriage. It’s not immoral.

Similarly, supporting the legalization of same-sex marriage is a matter of civil rights, not morality, and gays and lesbians deserve equal protection under the right of law.

If you object to same-sex marriage on moral grounds, that’s fine. You deserve respect for your opinion. But opinions regarding the morality of same-sex marriage have no place in determining the constitutionality of civil rights.

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