Summer and Fall 2013
This past year I learned the need to trust first impressions and intuition, and internalized that love is both a noun and a verb.
A soccer phenom is born
Learning to do the rainbow took me about 6 months. Let's see what can be accomplished in 6 seconds.
Summer and Fall 2012
Some of the best photos and memories from last year.
Spring 2012
The beginning of this year has been full of self-assurance and a strong sense of direction. Thank you.
Film Fest, Awesome Music and Bike Rides
In San Francisco there are new neighborhoods to discover by bike, gallery openings to go to, dive bars and pubs with friendly folks with fascinating stories, beaches and mountains to appreciate, crazy 100,000-person debauchery-filled costume parties to attend, and fantastic live music shows to go to. San Francisco es Pura Vida!
Days flew by
Winter has passed and spring is here again. I danced, rode my bike, took a nap, hung out with my adoptive French mom, punched my roommate, saw a tiger at the zoo, made an awesome RAGBRAI/Bud Light logo mashup, scattered my heart across the States, and drew a rabbit butt. I still need to teach myself Spanish.
Catching up in January
A few photo memories from the past couple months remind me that life has been good. Viva El Año del conejo!
Très beaux portraits
Recent favorite portraits include one from the Mule holiday party, a self-portrait at the studio and in the Utah salt flats, and of my French friends on Treasure Island.
Those in-between times
Life is punctuated by these in-between times. They're surreal, fast-paced, full of new faces and places. The in-between times are challenging and cause us to grow.