Bucket list

A running list of things to accomplish during my life (strikethroughs indicate a deletion.):

  • Make a better bucket list.
  • Push myself to listen to my intuition and not be afraid to act on it.
  • Float in the Dead Sea.
  • Learn Spanish.
  • Learn French.
  • Learn a programming language.
  • Pay off my student loan debt.
  • Read Simone de Beauvoir’s Les Belles Images in French and understand it.
  • Live and work in New York City.
  • Design and build a product that will help millions of people improve their quality of life and address a common problem.
  • Visit my old neighborhood in Fussa City, Tokyo, Japan (bonus: drink sake with Masaki Uehara).
  • Compose and record a hip hop song.
  • Play street soccer in Brazil.
  • Work and live overseas (Namely, Paris and Tokyo).
  • Climb a mountain.
  • Get married to a woman whom I’ve fallen in love with and with whom I am capable of loving for life.
  • Have children.
  • Keep a sentence-a-day journal for my entire life.
  • Write a book.
  • Change a stranger’s life.
  • Sing with Justin Vernon.
  • Do a backflip.
  • Attend a World Cup match.
  • Never give up.

Updated: September 7, 2014
Updated: June 3, 2013
Updated: April 22, 2012

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