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Not sleeping

It’s 2:30am and I’m watching my grandpa die slowly. Not sure what to make of it. My grandma has barely slept for the past 2 weeks. I can see her now on the other side of his medical bed, her [...]

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I don’t have the power

I spoke with my grandfather on speakerphone a few hours ago. “I appreciate all you have done. I appreciate who you have become. I appreciate all you are”, he said. “I don’t have the power,” he also said, implying the [...]

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Making a home

I’ve been hanging my artwork from undergrad, photos of friends and family, putting postcards from old roommates and cousins on my fridge, installing hangers for air plants, and otherwise nesting in my apartment of 4 years. I’m living alone again [...]

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Listening requires the patience to recognize your feelings in other people’s words, no matter how trivial, dark and empty their language may seem. It requires you to become someone else while you listen. The fog of boredom and emptiness when [...]

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The geopolitical parallels between today and 1939

Indeed, it has just happened in Crimea, where a major power has forcefully changed a European border for the first time since 1945. Russia’s act of annexation and its evident designs on eastern Ukraine constitute a reminder that NATO was [...]

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