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Love is a verb and a noun

Having been through several long-term relationships, and recently ended an engagement, I’ve come to believe that love is an intense and seductive emotion, but also a behavior that we choose every day—and that the two are not mutually exclusive.

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Summer and Fall 2013

This past year I learned the need to trust first impressions and intuition, and internalized that love is both a noun and a verb.

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I knew after the first date

“I knew after the first date that he was special and after the second one I wanted it to go on forever. I liked everything about him.” — My grandmother about falling in love and choosing to marry my grandfather, [...]

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Love is both a noun and a verb

John Mayer was only half right when he sang “love is a verb, it isn’t a thing”. Love is an unequivocal emotion, and it’s also a behavior that one chooses to act out each moment. I know, because I’ve both [...]

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For Emma, a cappella

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